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Ghanaian children got invitation to Folk Festival in Poland


















We are incredible happy to inform that the Freespirit Group from Moree got invitation to take part in Eurofok 2014. The International Folk Festival "EUROFOLK - ZAMOŚĆ" has been organized by The Association of Friends of the "Zamojszczyzna" FoIk Song and Dance Ensemble. The aim of the Festival is to promote folklore and foIk art of individual countries, emphasize richness of the cultural diversity of Europe and the rest of the world. Invited groups are from : Belarus, Chile, Ghana, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Taiwan, Hungary. Freespirit Group will present cultural heritage of Ghana through presentation of traditional dances and music, songs, children's games and active audience participation. They practice a new program for festivals 2014. 


National Day at the Celebration of the Children of the Mountains – 27 July
















Each foreign-Polish ensembles couple is assigned one day, the so-called “national day” , for presenting their main programmes. The aim of the national day is to enable each group to present their culture not only on but also off stage. National Day at the celebration of the festival was the most intensive and most important day for our group. A morning performance in front of the town hall and the main performance which was being judged by an International Artistic Committee.

What you showed is deeply human, yesterday I was unhappy that I couldn’t join you on stage and today I want to say thank you for this beautiful performance’ – said Pedro from Mexico, a member of the international jury.

Performances of Ghana National Day were completed by our stall with necklaces and bracelets made by the children from shells collected on the beach, African masks and shea butter from Ghana which was for sale that day too.

The group from Ghana wowed the audience at the Children of the Mountains Day’ wrote a cracow paper.


New challenge - children from Moree invited to Brave Kids 2014
















Children from Ghana did a wonderful job and were highly praised in Polish media on summer 2013.

It is for this reason that they have been invited once to participate in culture events in Poland taking place this summer.  Brave Kids 2014 is organized by “Song of the Goat” Theatre Association and has the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland. The main aim of taking part in Brave Kids is cooperation children from around the world. Several artistic groups (6 children and 1 adult leader) from different parts of the globe will meet during 3 weeks in Poland, in order to create a performance together. About 120 children from 16 countries will present joint performance on one stage prepared during artistic workshops.


The Day at The Polish Friends - 23 July 2013















During the Festival week one day is chosen for the Polish ensembles to invite their foreign partner ensemble to their home town. The main idea is to bring the children closer together by means of acquainting the members of the foreign ensembles with the lifestyle of their Polish peers. Polish partners of Ghanaian children are members of “Hulajniki” from Milówka.


A journey of a lifetime for the Ghanaian children - 19 th July 2013

















We leave Saint Mixelle L’Ecole and head for Paris where we catch a coach to Nowy Sacz in Poland where the Freespirit Art Group has been awaited for three years. This years Festival of the Children of the Mountains is attended by groups from Bulgaria, India, Taiwan, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia and Ghana. Every foreign group is paired up with a Polish one so that the children can make new friends and get to know the culture of other countries. At this years festival, which is already the 21st, as a result of the Ghanaian group being granted visas at the last moment, a trio is formed: Poland, Ukraine and Ghana.

It seems that the Festival of the Children of the Mountains being in its 3rd decade is already predictable and cannot surprise with anything. This years festival is traditional, however a little bit different. The children from Ghana are a big attraction, they, they brighten up the festival, and the smiley children receive applause wherever they appear.


The Children of the World Festival – 11th to 17th July 2013
















The journey to Saint Mixelle to the Children of the World Festival with the Colombian group is the beginning of new friendships from the first moment on the new continent. The schedule is very busy – opening concert, parade, Ghanaian day, picnic with the host families, performances. Keeping the times of meals, meetings, performances and their duration to the minute is not an easy task for people coming from a culture where time does not have any relevance.

One of the very pleasurable experiences is learning regional dances reciprocally which is usually the case at festivals. Our Freespirit Group added Norwegian, Chinese and Colombian dances to their repertoire.

The festival week ends with a Gala and it’s time to say goodbye to the favourite groups and French host families. They sing one of the songs their Colombian friends performed – ‘punto punto’. It’d hard to say goodbye.


Dreams come true – 10th July















The Marocco Airlines plane landed on time. After one more hour of waiting we know for sure – they are here! Everyone is excited, smiling and carrying a mountain of luggage! Including the drums there are 26 pieces of luggage. We get picked up by the festival coach and together with the Colombian group we are headed to the ‘Children of the World’ festival location which is 400km south-east. Everyone is enjoying themselves from the beginning, the Freespirit kids start the journey with singing as usual. We stop 2 hours later for a picnic and that’s a great opportunity to form new friendships and play together. We arrive around midnight and the organiser and 5 host families welcome us with a ‘Festival of the Children of the World’ banner which they received as a gift last year.


The Happy 13!




















The Freespirit Art Group, talented Ghanaian children got their chance to travel to Europe to take part in international children's culture festivals in Poland and France.

The main aim of taking part in

the festivals is to present the cultural heritage of Ghana through presentation of traditional dances and music, songs and children's games, handicraft exhibition, national cuisine, and active audience participation.

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