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The Visa Interview in the Embassy of the Netherlands – Accra, May 16th, 2013






It’s taken quite a while to get in place all the necessary documents for all the children. The filled visa forms, birth certificates, insurance policies, flight ticket bookings, letters from schools, school reports, parents’ consents, official invitations to festivals… Neverending paperwork has finally been gathered and can be submitted in the Dutch Embassy with hope to aquire the desired Schengen Visa.


We get up at 4 a.m. and head for the embassy soon afterwards in order to avoid heavy morning traffic in Accra. We need to wait some 2.5 hours before we can enter into the embassy building. Then it takes the embassy clarks a few hours to examine all the documents, and only then we are invited for the visa interview.


Benjamin Borketey – the coach, followed by the master drummer John Quagrainie, and then the responsible Emmanuel Akontsen, Ema – John’s brother, Stephen Ackuah who never misses the trainings, the marvellous Joana who has been with us for 4 years already, Salomay who danced kete with the Ghanaian president, Francisca – a next of kin of the fishermen boss, the lovely twins Janet and Jennifer, the calm and always helpful Theresa, the unusual second grader Grace and the talented 8 year old Mary who wins the audience applause each time she dances solo.Are they going to make the Happy 13?

Robert Mbiah and Araba Essun are with us, howevere we could not apply for a visa for them as they don’t have their passports issued yet, despite of the “express” procedure started quite a while ago. Well, sometimes you just can’t help the bureaucracy…

We were asked to pay for the visa application. Children under 12 – 89.50 GHC; others – 153 GHC each. The kids tried to get some funds from their families – they managed to gather some 10% of the total sum. Jason Buzi from California, who is our constant supporter, donated half the sum, and the rest was covered by the Foundation. We also used the 100 GHC received from the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra for the performance we gave a night before.The result of the interview will be known in a few days – keep your fingers crossed! J


Big funeral in Moree – 20 April 2013

Ghana has many social gatherings. Funeral is one of such events. Apostle Kojo Bo Jackson who was born in Moree, a founder of Universal Christ Savior Church and member of parliament passed away on 7th January 2013. Moree local council and a big family organized a great funeral. Surrounding buildings were painted including the library and about 15 canopies to protect people from the sun were arranged.

The first day the community had an opportunity to show the last respect to the body. The second day 20th April  the vice president Ammisah Arthur attended the ceremony. The Freespirit Group welcomed vice president and all community with “kete” and “apatampa”- a dance from Region of the Freespirit Group. They performed in their new black and red traditional costumes. The church service began. People ran around the coffin as a tradition of the church. This custom brings a healing – a good condition and health.


Freespirit kids at Anomabo - 28 April - 2 May


Vacation and coming of madam Krystyna from Poland to Moree made the Freespirit Art Group time full of interesting activities. We went to Anomabo Beach Resort on 28 April for 5 days camping on the up-coming festivals in Poland and France. Coconut plantation in between houses of the hotel make the place beautiful and full of shadow, what is important during hod days.


Wind from the ocean and shadow help us to practice hard. We had good morning exercise which kept us fits every days. We trained three times a day on our local and neighboring countries dances. Performances get applause from guests of the resort. We were all very happy because our audience loved African traditional culture, they learned dances and drumming from us and we played together.

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Great cleaning 14-19 April 2013

For a few months now the library in Moree has been operating in an old building of the post office. The place is close to the bus, petrol and police stations. It means it's very convenient for the community to visit this culture center. Children of the Freespirit Art Group are active members - they learn and practice African tradition dances and drumming. Thanks to donation from sponsors they have different drums and set of costumes. Children take care of costumes, they have to wash them after each performance.

Moving the library to other place made so many tasks, so after the performance at UCC serious work began in the library. New shelves were made, books are now arranged in a better way, costumes get new hangers. The office is ready to welcome visitors, and the classroom has more space for learning.


Performance at UCC – 13 April 2013

University of Cape Coast's Atlantic Hall celebrates 50 years. Children from Moree got invitation to perform there. On Saturday 13 April celebration started with procession, during this social occasion chief was carried in the palanquin as our tradition.


Two dancers - Salomey and Jennifer danced “kete” to welcome chiefs. It's special dance from Ashanti region to show respect to prominent people. Energetic "kuku" was performed wonderfully by all the Freespirit Group.


Children from Ghana got invitation to Poland and France 2013

We are so proud that the Freespirit Art Group got invitations to take part in the International XXI Festival of Children's Folks Ensemble "Children of the Mountains" in Nowy Sacz, Poland and XXVI Festival des Enfants du Monde in Saint-Maixent L’Ecole, France. Both festivals will be held in July 2013. Participating in these festivals would be a great opportunity for children from Ghana. Performing in Europe and cooperating with children from other countries would be a very eye-opening experience for them and would give them more motivation to keep learning and training. Moreover, the Moree Art Group would be representing the whole Africa, which is very important for other participants of the festivals. That would be a great lesson for them to learn the importance of mutual respect to other cultures. The trainers of the children would also benefit because the festivals would give them the opportunity to exchange experiences with other trainers. At last, participation of the Moree Art Group in the festivals would also contribute to promotion of Ghanaian culture overseas.



Christmas in the library









Everybody is excited before Christmas especially kids. Our children from Freespirit Group were the same, we started creating decoration to prepare the library and the classroom for the Christmas Eve Celebration for us on 23rd. With the art group members and an open group in the Library we made angels, chains and other decorations and also a cardboard Christmas tree what we cut and painted together, too. We made Nativity Scene and puppets with the kids to play the Christmas story from the Bible.


On 23rd evening we gathered and sang Christmas carols before we shared small gifts with  sweets. The most amazing for kids was that they had small present box with their name on it. Here in Ghana it is not a custom to prepare gifts and wrap it nicely, to make it more personal as a gift. We had not just Christmas Eve but whole Christmas week to rise the Christmas feeling without snow, cold, Santa Claus and the usual things we connect to the Holidays.

Volunteers - Tinka & Leszek




Reports from the Library - February 2013

For some time now the library in Moree has been run and coordinated by Gaetan Badiwon. He does his best to perform his duties with due diligence, and also sends us weekly reports to keep us updated. Here are some excerpts from his February reports:


Feb 1st: ”(…) It was exiting working with volunteers. We learnt a lot from each other. They were very hardworking and industrious. I most of the time worked with Kuba. Iwona and Ingrid were good locating and arranging things in the new library. In the library, I am still arranging things in the office and classroom with the help of Mr.John. I am organizing some classes for Oxford school this Friday.(…)”


Feb 8th: “(…)New coach issue: Mr. Ben and I are still making enquires about getting a new coach for the group. Volunteers sent the request to Department of Music and Arts of the University of Cape Coast and we hope to hear good news. (…)”


Feb 14th: “(…). I organized classroom work on English Language and Mathematics on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. I taught kids “Basic rules in sentence formation”  and simple calculation. On these occasions I liked kids’ determination to learn -Theresa, Mary, Adelaide and Christy. This week, I was able to organize kids to wash their customs which were dirty. On the same day (Monday) some kids-Rebecca, Janet, Jennifer, Salomey, Mary, Adelaide and Albertina took initiative in washing classroom tables. (…)”


Feb 22nd: “(…)Best workers and active kids of the week were Adelaide and Mary Manso. They worked very well in the classroom with all seriousness throughout the week. They swept, arranged books and fished out unused books for use in the library. (…)”


Feb 28th: “(…)On 22nd February there was a meeting held in the library purposely to welcome Dr. Mawuyram Quessie Adjahoe and Margaret Delali from Department of Music & Dance of the University of Cape Coast. Dr Adjahoe is a drummer and a drum teacher, composer, conductor and teaches the Ghanaian traditional bamboo flute. Maggi is a dance instructor and teaches Ghanaian traditional songs. (…) After the meeting I went with Doctor and co to training ground. They were impressed at kids’ performance. (…)On Monday, I organized a film show for kids. We watched “Gulliver’s Travels”. After the movie, kids described the movie as they understood. They shared ideas. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did class work coupled with kids’ assignments. We wrote test on Wednesday on English and Mathematics.”



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