Ghana has many social gatherings. Funeral is one of such events. Apostle Kojo Bo Jackson who was born in Moree, a founder of Universal Christ Savior Church and member of parliament passed away on 7th January 2013. Moree local council and a big family organized a great funeral. Surrounding buildings were painted including the library and about 15 canopies to protect people from the sun were arranged.

The first day the community had an opportunity to show the last respect to the body. The second day 20th April  the vice president Ammisah Arthur attended the ceremony. The Freespirit Group welcomed vice president and all community with “kete” and “apatampa”- a dance from Region of the Freespirit Group. They performed in their new black and red traditional costumes. The church service began. People ran around the coffin as a tradition of the church. This custom brings a healing – a good condition and health.

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