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Olek czyli Oleksandr Ryndyk z Ukrainy to jeden z naszych wolontariuszy, ktory spedzil w Moree 5 miesiecy pomagajac przy fundacyjnych projektach, Dla Olka OGROMNE DZIEKUJEMY! A dla Wszystkich innych garsc informacji z pobytu Olka. Oto fragmenty z jego raportu - na razie w wersji angielskiej.

  • I totally enjoyed my first days in Moree. The local people and especially children are very cheerful and eager to help. I face almost no difficulty at the volunteer's house. I like the library and the people who work here.  Ghana turned out to be a relatively expensive country. Some food is more expensive than in Ukraine. 
  • At the beginning everything was very challenging and I enjoyed it. After tree months everything turned to be a routine. I spend a lot of my time walking; (the volunteers' house is far away from the Library and taxi station ). Sometimes I had an enormous desire to go home, enjoy my bed, Ukrainian food, normal bathroom.  I felt really tired of the life conditions here: fetching water, cooking food using African kitchen. 
  • Saying Good Bye to Moree - with John, Kofi, Benjamin, Peter, Amina and her new born son.jpgAMINA had a baby-boy on 2 Feb 2011.  I eagerly accepted the opportunity to become temporally the general manager of the Library. Birth certificates and applying for passports is a great success for all of us, taking into consideration how difficult it is to deal with public officials in Ghana. We express a special acknowledgement to all who supported the Art Group in the process of passport.
  • I like  Art Kids as my little brothers and sisters. I supervised Art Group daily trainings. We have realized 4 intensive African drumming & dancing workshops with professional coaches from Accra, promotional performances at  Moree market and photo season on Moree Beach Resort. 
  • 23rd March - I leave Moree... It's said, very said... But I am also happy that I will see my family soon, and enjoy my bed, bath and Ukrainian food. Art Group prepared for me a beautiful good-bye performance, I cried so much on that day...
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