Changing the destiny of one African girl – Malaika Akua and supporting her education, made us realize the magnitude of the needs of most Moree children. There were also many people willing to help, and this urged us to start a project “Distant patron”.

It is donating just 12 E a month for a particular child. The money is used to buy the necessary school outfit, educational materials, and additional classes that will give the child a better start into the future.














Just finding children that do not attend school is not a problem. It is to convince the parents about the importance of education and giving children a chance to go to school on regular basis that is a real challenge. The Foundation takes care of children - members of the Freespirit Art Group and other one from Moree. 















All children under the patronage take part in additional activities: lessons in the library, art group, or they attend a class that is fully patronized. The progress is especially visible where school and family support our efforts. It is our shared joy.   

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