10.04.1973 - 09.06.2006 


Following your dreams, travelling with trust into the kindness of people you meet, seeing the beauty of everyday life… ‘Every dream is given to us with the power to make it come true’- this is the inscription Kinga puts in her book and she proves over and over that she does not lack the power.


We just let things happen and the road lead us through unknown terrain, countries, adventures’ Kinga and Chopin reminisced after coming back from a five year long journey around the world which earned them ‘Kolos’ – the prestigous Polish traveller award.
















The journey throughout Africa was another dream of Kinga’s. Discovering new places and people was her passion, African children – her true love. She changed the life of one child and this event later inspired the creation of the Freespirit Foundation with its mission.
















The fate, so favourable so far, this time did not let Kinga come back to us. On 9th June 2006 she died of malaria in Ghana.


Now she’s coming back to us… in dreams that come true, actions inspired by her journey and in the smiling faces of Moree children. She lives in the memories of her numerous friends all over the world, and on the pages of another book - ‘My Africa’. For this book Kinga received, posthumously, the “Amber Butterfly” award for the best travel Polish book of 2008, for letting us follow her dream.




Kinga - Malaika 



Kinga - Freespirit



Kinga's Hitchhiking Bio:

" Well, I can say I started hitchhiking way before I was born - I was conceived during my parents' hitchhiking trip to the Polish mountains :)
And later, when I was just a tiny little kid they would take me along for some more summertime hitchhiking around the country. But they're not hippies or anything - hitchhiking was just a regular thing to do here.

My first serious hitchhiking outside Poland was a spontaneous journey to Northern Ireland when I was 18. I hitchhiked around half of Europe and volunteered at a few SCI workcamps before I returned home that summer. And this is what I did every summer vacation since then. Until my greatest solo journey - overland to India and Nepal. Pure hitchhiking only from Poland to Istanbul, and then by any other local transportation - coming back through Karakorum Highway, China, Kazakhstan and Russia.

And later on... I met Chopin. And we had the same dream - to see the rest of the world. By hitchhiking, naturally. So in 1998 we flew to New York, with two backpacks, 600 dollars, little plans and a lot of dreams. At that time we had no idea the journey would take us five years. This last journey is documented on our site: www.hitchhiketheworld.com
















I never counted the number of kilometers, miles, or rides - it's not what it's all about. It's not about the destination, either. It's the journey that matters, and this is what I always try to enjoy". 


Kinga Freespirit