Review by Mary Keener

A huge dream, a little money, few plans and a tremendous desire to see the world equals -- for Kinga and Chopin -- a 5-year hitchhiking odyssey. Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough. And this couple wanted to travel around the world very badly.


Let go. Don't worry. Be positive. You'll be free to explore, to touch a culture in all its dimensions. "Positive thoughts bring on positive experiences. Our minds control our actions and sometimes, those of others." Watch and read how these ideas are put into action.

Ms. Freespirit shares extraordinary tales that testify to human kindness and generosity. I mention a few, but there are many more. You will be awed at just what can be had if you simply dare.

Kinga and Chopin's journey begins in New York City. They have no place to stay. They make their way to Central Park by subway. It's dusk. Chopin is thirsty. They see a church and enter. Luckily for them, there is a testimony meeting happening. People gather around the couple afterwards, asking questions and, of course, learn the 
that the couple will park themselves in Central Park. What actually occurs is a little magical.

In this next scene, Kinga and Chopin are hitchhiking in Alaska in November. Their driver invites them to stay in his cabin while he continues working. They hear a sound outside the cabin door and open it to a gray wolf! Do you believe it? Read the book.

In response to the author's words of admiration, Claire, traveling alone and in a wheelchair, says. "I just like travelling, that's all. And what's so amazing about taking buses, trains, or taxis? That's what I do at home, too."

Hitchhiking, hitch boating, hitch plane-ing, train hopping, bicycling (having been donated a bicycle), buying a horse (that's right!) are the ways Kinga and Chopin get around and beyond. How they end up on these transport modes are interesting stories in themselves.

Some things are not planned for. A short trip can tax a relationship. A long one can damage it. Kinga and Chopin resolve their differences with maturity, creativity, respect - always aware of their individualities, needs and desires.

A secondary dream of the author is to bring the reader along. She succeeds. I walked in their shoes, ate with them and experienced the joys and hardships of their dream-come-true.

This book is a labor of love. It is beautifully and strongly bound. Photos are in color and the paper is textbook quality. A map of the journey is embedded on the inside of the back cover for easy reference. The final nine pages are titled "Inspirations". Each page has a colored picture with a thoughtful quote. Inspiring they are!


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