You have the time, passion, you can get the money, you long for new adventure, new experiences and you want to do some good for others. You are aware that the true picture is usually different to what the volunteers expect, you are aware that you can fall ill with malaria even if you take the medicines and sleep under a mosquito net, with diarhorrea even if you are very hygienic, you are ready to go to the tiolet outside where you can be met by a lizard or some bugs. You are aware and you understand that it will be difficult to get some sleep until you get used to the heat, the religious singing going on until 1am.. You know that you will have numerous visitors and you will have to share your meal which if cooked the African way can take ages to prepare and above all you want the common good of all the children that are waiting fo the ‘Obroni’.








 If you answered YES – we wish you good luck. You can become an Freespirit Foundation volunteer in Moree!

Let us know what you can do, what you can organise yourself and what you need help with. What standard of living would you choose? Will you do your own shopping? Will you cook or eat in diners and restaurants catering for tourists? Perhaps you would like to prepare your meals with others and sometimes eat with an African family? Would you like to have everything organised before you go or are you going to be a ‘freespirit’?

We are confident that:

  • Moree will stay in your heart forever. This journey will be like a book you have read – full of knowledge, more that just an experience.

  • You will find yourself interested in the culture and history of the African continent

  • Watching and taking part in the day-to-day activities of the community will enable you to realise the values that are characteristic to our and their culture, to see the differences but also recognise the fundamental shared values

  • Getting to know local specialities, cooking together, learning to dance, fishing, learning the legends and beliefs will benefit you for the rest of your life and taking part in a local church service is an unforgettable experience

  • Volunteering can be a start of a dream that will make you want more

  • Everyone who visits Moree and takes part in the projects will come back a different person

  • The smile fo the little ones living in conditions so different to everything we know will touch even the hardest of us.


The Foundation provides accommodation for the volunteers in two rooms in a house on a hill in Moree, with a view of the town. It is, considering the overall conditions in Moree, a pretty place with a yard and trees providing shade. Local shops and water outlets are nearby. There are mattresses and the mosquito nets have been replanced. One of the rooms has bunk-beds with a mosquito net. The neighbourhood is safe and the assistant to the volunteers lives close by.

There is electricity in the house. One of the rooms has a fridge and a fan. Plugs are British style. A rice-cooker is available and other devices can be plugged in, i.e kettle, water warmer. However we suggest cooking outside which gies with the local tradition. An African style stove and pots are available. The suitable coal can be purchased in many places locally and is not pricey.

A washroom belonging to our rooms is next door as well as well as a separate toilet.

Because the house does not have running water the volunteer needs to be aware of the need of providing himself/herself with water and the assistant will initially help with that. Water can be bought in 10 litre containers which cost 0.05 GHC.

Filtered drinking water can be bought in a big packet of 30 half litre pouches and that is the cheapest option.

The volunteer is expected to maintain the cleanliness of the rooms and the yard. All food refuse will be eaten by goats and the plastic water bags can be recycled in Cape Coast. If we ask the children to help out in cleaning the rubbish will end up in the nearby bushes but older children already have better environmental awareness.

We would like to warn you of keeping food in your room in a non airtight container, do not allow crumbs, scraps of food, spilled juice or sugar in your room because it can cause a visit from ants and other not wanted creatures.

We own a few tents which our volunteers are welcome to use. A tent can also be used as a monquito net and if it’s too hot in the room it can be taken out on the terrace allowing sleeping outside. A tent can be taken for a weekend trip.

If the volunteer wishes so they can decide to stay at a different location i.e a guest house in Cape Coast or the Moree Beach Resort but the prices are much higher and depend on the standard provided. Such a decision does not relieve the volunteer form paying the set fee of 150 GHC for participating in the Moree projects.


The Moree volunteering project is not only a great adventure, interesting holiday and work but also experiencing help and many more experiences and memories. That is why the volunteer is obliged to fund his/her stay in Moree.

If authorised by the Foundation the volunteer can look for sponsors for his stay and financing the projects, in such an event we will supply a reference letter. The sponsor would make his/her donation directly to the Foundation. After receiving the funds the volunteer is obliged to settle his accounts in a given time-frame.

The volunteers is financially responsible for:

  • his journey (the volunteer organises the journey)
  • obligatory vaccinations, visa and obligatory insurance
  • food
  • payable services provided by the locals (like transport)
  • costs of any work carried out for the volunteer by the locals like assisting, cooking, supplying water
  • electricity bills (the cost is split between all the volunteers living in the house at the time)

Participation fees

The Foundation only requires a payment of a fee that will cover the costs of the volunteers accommodation in Moree and costs of the assistant to volunteers.

The accommodation fee covers basic assistance and the costs of taking part in projects in Moree.The fees are:

150 € for the first month

100 € for the second month

50 € for the third month and any following months


Volunteers pay their fees to the Moree library each full month after their arrival in Moree. The collected money will help realise projects. 

 There is a possibility to place a note about the planned trip on our website. This can enable collecting a group and then working together in Moree, experiencing the wonderful and sometimes tough moments together. Volunteering in Moree is not just what the locals make of it but also what the volunteers make of it. It requires searching for possibilities, spotting things, taking responsibility. Only you will decide how your time in Moree is utilised.

We guarantee to issue a reference letter to all volunteers who send us a report of tasks carried out in Moree. It will look good on your CV