Meeting in the library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

It is obligatory for the Art Group                                   

- The Art Group should cooperate us a good and responsible team


- Coaches of the Group should check the attendance of the children during trainings                                                   - Parents should inform neighbors ( other parents of the Art Group members) to be as a team and allowed children come to trainings on time                                                                                                                                                - Financial support sometimes by parents                                                                                                                       - Good commitment teenager to assist in the library and taking responsibilities                                                             - Parents will see to it that they will allow children to come for training on time.                                                             - It is good to show to appreciation to sponsors, parents should teach their children how to show appreciation.          - Coaches and Art Group members have to take care of equipments like drums, T-shirts, costumes and beads.         - Responsible, selected teenagers must take care of the Art Group equipments and materials.                                    - Parents should ensure that all Freespirit materials with children should be returned to the library.

Why the Group was late in the Embassy  ? ­

  1. Transportation issues :                                                                                                                                        - Traffic at Kasoa, so coach Ben had to take a Motor bike to the embassy to inform them about the heavy traffic at Kasoa                                                                                                                                                     - Driver of the bus returned from the way to Accra ( from Anomabu to Moree Junction ) to take his sister to Accra to sell fishes.                                                                                                                                             - Due too expensive of the first agreed bus the coach had to look for other cheaper bus in the night 7th June

  2. Weather and environment of Moree issue :                                                                                                         - Due rain season not all children could come on the time to the library , 3am                                                   - Not all parents respect the time , not all families have a clock or mobile phone to wake up on time.

  3. Passports and all documentation process issue :                                                                                               - Passport process for 9 younger members was delay and delay, so was difficult to take final decision about traveling members                                                                                                                                                - Education Department of Central Region of Ghana delayed necessary letter, permission to travel during school year. The letter was needy to get permission from each schools. The coach got the letter with support Mr Otoo and Moree Youth on 6th June, the last day before interview. Due this reason group was not able to go to Accra 1 day before interview.

2nd MEETING - 15 June 


Meeting started with opening prayer by Mr. Otoo at exactly 10:55am . Mr. Samuel Takyie introduced the purpose of the meeting and welcomed Krystyna – president of the Foundation. He emphasized the need to exercise much restrain to listen to the executives and stressed the need to co-operate with foundation .

The M.C Mr. Essuman chaired the meeting and introduced the executive members of the foundation. He talked about the invitation of the cultural group to Poland and France to attend a festival. He again stressed on the need of the community to get involved in laudable project by way of support. Parents need to support with money and their strength. He emphasized the roles of both - children and parents as a whole.

He asked parents how they could help the foundation to grow and benefit the entire more community. The Chairman, Thomas Abbiw stressed on the importance of commitment and dedication. He talked about the emergency meeting they held as a result of the love they have for the Moree community and took it upon themselves to help improve the lives of the children of Moree and the community as well.

How to improve the Art Group Project in Moree ?

1. Grace Dadzie’s grandmother talked about her displeasure about the attitudes of some parents and stressed on the whole traveling process.

2. Dina’s mum suggested that workers in the foundation must write to parents through their children to them.

3. Land Lady spoke about the late collection of money to help the process so she also talked about the need for parent to support their children. Also parents must be asked to know how much they can contribute to support the Art Group. She talked about changes of one coach.

4. Mr. Otoo talked about the second chance for the children to travel and blamed some of churches’ negative thoughts about culture that culture is a fetish activity. Also he stressed on how most of the old group members stopped practice and now wanted to travel he again reminded us to be careful when collecting money from such children’s parents because it could create problems.

5. Mr. Esuman talked about how to acquire passport and the procedures involved. He also talked about how Madam Krystyna solicit help from sponsors for the foundation. He also talked about the academic work of the children in their various schools which was too low and it’s a worry to Foundation.

6. Mr. Stephen Acquah said that he made affidavit even for the children and stressed the need to pass information on time.

7. Madam Eva Eshun talked about how she heard the information about collection of money through the children.

8. Madam Krystyna talked about the roots of the foundation and the meaning of the name “Freespirit”.

9. Mr. Essuman spoke about Krystyna’s tireless effort to ensure the success of the trip and outline program for the journey. He talked about the invitation given out to countries and asked parents to prepare encase the trip succeeds. He emphasized the essence of culture that it is not a fetish act. Also he promised parents to still hope for the better.

10. Madam Owusua talked about coach proposal to teenagers.

11. Madam Rose talked about the behavior of coach Nicholas.

12. Mr. Yawson expressed his bitter pains about why his daughter was rejected because she is an old member of the group.

13. Chairman Thomas explained why some of the children were not selected for the trip.

14. Mr. Samuel Takyi added his voice. Mr. Essuman suggested that parents should make rules to govern the culture group. Kwesi Amonoo talked about dismissal of some old members. Mr. Mbiah reacted to absent by children.

RULES to govern the culture by parents :

  1. Register for attendance - suggested Mr. Essuman

  2. Absent without permission is not acceptable. Margaret Ampong

  3. A monthly meeting should be held

  4. Five member committee formed 1. Eva Eshun 2. Comfort Abbiw 3. Mr. Stephen Acquah 4. Mr. Robert Mbiah 5. Land Lord

Mr. Essuman made the vote of thanks on behalf of parents. The meeting ended at exactly 1:10 pm with a prayer by Mr. Samuel Takyie.


Things discussed :

  1. Parents should allow the children to come for practice.

  2. Getting coaches who can teach different kinds of dances from various regions

  3. We need a very good coach who can really take good care of the children and teach them so that they will perform well

  4. Children should be motivated and be made comfortable by parents and the foundation.

  5. Children should work hard , practice often, dedicate themselves.

  6. Land for building library and culture ground for rehearsals or training by the group is necessary.