Holiday break in Ghana is very short. Some children in this time visit their relatives, some go to see their parents in the places of their work but the great majority stay in Moree. All of them are expected to do chores to support their parents.

This short holiday was a real treat for 19 lucky children! The children faced tough criteria to qualify for the week-long holiday: involvement in training, regular attendance, helping out in the library, good grades and friendliness.

Salisu offered to put the children up in the IPMC learning centre  of which he is manager. We travelled the 80km to Duakwa by a very crowded minibus. Setting up camp went smoothly, an African-style kitchen is created as well as a designated place for meals and meetings. Our days are very busy. Apart from dance and drumming classes we have a lot of sport activities and trips. IT classes were a very important part of the holiday. On our last day we organised a treasure hunt, the treasure – a bag of African beads – was found by Emmanuel, the oldest boy in the group.

While on holiday in Duakwa the children performed for the chief and got the energy they need for their festival performances in Cape Coast.

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From dairy of the Art Group :


"Last August, during vacation, we went to Camp at Duakwa to have a nice time together. For most of us it was the first time we went outside of Moree. It was fantastic and exciting to see lots of new things and different people. We went to a forest to see the biggest trees in Ghana and we visited cocoa bod and plantation. We were very interested to know more about what cocoa is used for and how it is exported to other countries.

We also enjoyed carry out activities with computers. Most of us do not know much about computers so it was a new experience for us to practice with a computer. First it was difficult for us to work with a computer, but later we got to know some ideas about handling it. We enjoyed to learn how to click with the mouse and how to create folders and how the writing and paint program work. We also enjoyed cooking and eating different foods like kenkey with kontomire stew. Kontomire is a greenish vegetable and tastes very good and delicious! "

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