The main event of Fetu Afaye is celebrated on the first Saturday of September. On this day, a few hours long parade through the principal streets of Cape Coast to Victoria Park takes place. There, the final celebration is held Durban of chiefs brings together people from across the globe where chiefs are carried in the palanquins and they dance and demonstrate authority. The whole town was coloured in red to signify that President Atta Mills has died. Chiefs were not carried in their usual beautiful palanquins, but they walked through the principal streets of Cape Coast to show respect for the late President.

Before the parade participants – the colourful groups, and the Chief of Cape Coast - appear, our Freespirit team gives a performance. At some point it is stopped by the appearance of police and an honourable escort of the president - John Mahama. Ghana's head of state, who passes through the square and says “hello” to the people. This moment is exciting not only for the crowd, but also for our kids.

After a while we can hear a voice coming out of the megaphone saying that Freespirit Art Group is asked to give a short performance. To welcome the chiefs our team dance Atapama. The celebration goes on. A moment later the president gives his speech. When he is finished, we are again called to entertain the audience. Freespirit Ghana is the only team to honour the occasion. Our name is even written on the drum stand. To finish our performance, Mary Amissah and Salome Effum dance kete. The president joins the children to dance kete with them. This gesture underlines how important African culture is here. This day will be a very memorable event for our children from Moree. The entire event is aired live on the local radio.

To find photos from the event please go to official website of Ghana Government

or to our gallery of Freespirit Foundation on Facebook.

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