Janet Jennifer and Adelaide Korankye

















Foundation's support for the Art Group depends on your generous donation. The donation is just 15 $ a month per child. The money is used to pay school fees, buy the necessary school uniform, educational materials, additional activitites in the library and dance trainings. The Foundation organize education atraction for the most commitmant members of the Freespirit Art Group, for examle we visited old castle and forts.


Janet and Jennifer Korankye are members of the Freespirit Art Group in Moree. They are nine years old twins attends Oduro Kwarteng Memorial School in class three. Janet favorite subjects are English language and mathematics. Her dream is to become a medical doctor in the future. Jennifer wishes to become a nurse. Janet is one of the best dancer.

 The dance she likes best is called Kyiburi. The audience loves to see them dance together, they move during dancing very well. Jennifer loves to play ampe with her sisters and her friends when she has got free-time. Ampe is a game played by clapping both hands, jumping and throwing one leg forward. She is a really helpful person.

Adelaide is a 7 years old sister of twins, dancer of the Freespirit Culture Group. She attends the same primary school , she is in class 2. She likes mathematics and Creative Art. Adelaide wants to be a nurse in the future to cater for the sick. Her hobbies are reading and playing “Mama”: a type of game in Ghana. She likes eating rice and stew. Jennifer's favorite food is banku with okro stew.

Parents earn too low income to be able to cater for their children. Father is unemployed, mother is a trader. Adelaide and her two sisters are catered for by the grandmother. They live in a small house, there is no potable water and places of inconvenience. 3 sisters come systematically to the library on time to learn and for training, does her homework very well....

Rebecca Baidoo is a 12 years old dancer who joined the Freespirit Art Group about two years ago. She attends Oduro Kwateng Memorial School. She is in class 5. She lives in Moree with her parents. Her father is a fisherman and her mother a fishmonger. Fishing in Moree is at low scale because fishermen still use very old methods and poor equipments for fishing. Because of this, her parents earn low income. Her parents have seven children. Their eldest child is 16 years old and is at Aburaman Secondary School. Her parents can't afford high fees that is why two of their children are in public schools. They all live in a single room with no potable water and place of convenience.


Isaac Kobbinah lives in Moree with his mother and siblings. Isaac is the third of five children, four boys and a girl. Every morning, Isaac fetches water for the house, washes the dirty dishes, sweeps the compound, throws away garbage; he takes his bath, brush his teeth and dresses up for school. He buys food on his way to school and eats it as his breakfast. Isaac likes Fufu with groundnut soup. His favorite subject is English therefore he likes his English teacher. Isaac would wish for a car because he fancies cars and would love to own one someday, “I want to buy a car when I grow up because I get happy when I see grown- ups driving their own cars.”

Isaac is a drummer of the Freespirit Culture Group of Moree, who enjoys music very much. He learns new basses very fast and likes practicing them. Moreover he behaves very responsible and polite and takes care of other people. He calls his father “Paapa “and his mother “mummy”. Like most people in Moree his mother is a fishmonger and his father is a fisherman.


Abigail Amoasi is a 12 years old dancer of the Freespirit Culture Group. She attends school at Oxford Academy at Moree. She is in class 4. She likes English Language and Religious & Moral Education in school. Her parents are Mr. Uncle Charles and Mrs. Adwoa Egyireba. Her father repairs locally made fishing boas. Her mothers is a fishmonger. Her parents have three children. Abigail lievs with her grandmother, because her parents are living in separate places. She lives with four others in a single room with no potable water and toilet. She wants to be a nurse to cater for the sick and poor in society.