Vacation and coming of madam Krystyna from Poland to Moree made the Freespirit Art Group time full of interesting activities. We went to Anomabo Beach Resort on 28 April for 5 days camping on the up-coming festivals in Poland and France. Coconut plantation in between houses of the hotel make the place beautiful and full of shadow, what is important during hod days.


Wind from the ocean and shadow help us to practice hard. We had good morning exercise which kept us fits every days. We trained three times a day on our local and neighboring countries dances. Performances get applause from guests of the resort. We were all very happy because our audience loved African traditional culture, they learned dances and drumming from us and we played together.

The hot afternoon was a suitable time for having fun in the ocean. Totally sweat after trainings we run to water to have a nice swimming time. At this time the ocean level is law which help the live guides to save everybody to case of danger.

Palms full of coconut can be dangerous too, so guests have to be aware that delicious coconut can fall down to straight to somebody head. We advice not seat under palms especially during windy days.

We had a good nights at our tents. The restaurant of Beach Resort cooked for us oats for breakfasts, but lunch and dinner we had to provide by our self. We went to a bar at Anomabo town to get banku with palm soup one day, other days made dinner grandmother of Janet and Jennifer.

We were very excited for spending five days at friendly Anomabo Beach Resort. Most of the guests in the hotel were very sad to hear that we were leaving back home.

We are lucky that a lost bag of madam Krystyna finally arrived to Accra airport. Thanks of it the Freespirit Group got beautiful new t-shirts with design of Africa continents and our beach camp ended by getting presents, jelly watches from the Foundation. It was excited moment for everybody, because most of us got the first watch in live. We will learn our youngest members to use the time and we do our best to be always on time for all meetings, classes and trainings. Thank you to all our sponsors.

We hope to get visas this time, so that the hard work , determination and perseverance we have exercised all these years shell come to pass.

Greetings from Moree,

The Freespirit Art Group

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