The Freespirit Art Group, talented Ghanaian children got their chance to travel to Europe to take part in international children's culture festivals in Poland and France.

The main aim of taking part in

the festivals is to present the cultural heritage of Ghana through presentation of traditional dances and music, songs and children's games, handicraft exhibition, national cuisine, and active audience participation.

John Quagreinie as the oldest member of the Freespirit Group, already an adult, assists the coach Benjamin Borketey. Drummers - dedicated Emmanuel Akontsen, Ema – brother of John and full of energy 12 years old Stephen Ackuah. Dancers – fantastic Joana Mensah who has practiced for 4 years already, committed Salomay who got honour to dance with the president John Mahama during Fetu Afahye festival, talented 8 years old Mary Amissah whose solo dance always wins great applause, committed twins Janet and Jennifer, and Francisca, a helpfull girl Theresa and the youngest brillant student Grace. 4 drummers, 8 dancers and Ben! All of them got honour to perform in front of the highest authority of Ghana.

Their dream now is to perform for Polish and French audience and play with children from other continents during festivals. Let's help together fulfil the dream of the African children!


Photos and info about the Happy 13:

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