Zespół Freespirit przygotowuje się intensywnie do udziału w międzynarodowych festiwalach w Polsce i Francji. Szczęśliwa Trzynastka ma już ubezpieczenie, paszporty, jest po udanym interview w ambasadzie holenderskiej i czeka na wydanie wiz, by móc wyruszyć w podróż marzeń, na którą ciężko pracuje swym zaangażowaniem i treningami pod afrykańskim słońcem. Energia jaką dają dzieci z siebie zmusza ich do prania kostiumów po każdym występie. Dodatkowym obowiązkiem jest dbanie o bibliotekę. Nadszedł okres deszczowy, utrudnia troche zajęcia, ale problem z wodą w Moree mniejszy.


Trzymajcie kciuki i planujcie w wakacje odwiedzić festiwalowe miasta - Nowy Sącz, Szczawnicę ,Krynicę Zdrój, Zieloną Górę, Łagów ....Dokładny grafik występów podamy jak już wizy będą w paszportach.


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Freespirit Art Group at Anomabo - African children's dream



Więcej informacji o dzieciach :  


John Quagreinie as the oldest member of the Freespirit Group, already an adult, assists the coach Benjamin Borketey. Drummers - dedicated Emmanuel Akontsen, Ema – brother of John and full of energy 12 years old Stephen Ackuah. Dancers – fantastic Joana Mensah who has practiced for 4 years already, committed Salomay who got honour to dance with the president John Mahama during Fetu Afahye festival, talented 8 years old Mary Amissah whose solo dance always wins great applause, committed twins Janet and Jennifer, and Francisca, a helpfull girl Theresa and the youngest brillant student Grace. 4 drummers, 8 dancers and Ben! All of them got honour to perform in front of the highest authority of Ghana.


Their dream now is to perform for Polish and French audience and play with children from other continents during festivals. Let's help together fulfiil the dream of the African children!



1. Emmanuel Akontsen is a student of Oduro Kwateng Memorial Junior High School. He has been a dedicated and punctual member of the Freespirit Culture Group for 5 years. He is a master drummer. He can drum two drums at the same time, he always trains with the group.


He is very sociable and very responsible. His academic prowess is worth writing home about. He is always among the best in class. His English is very good. With his strict nature and being responsible, he commands respect from his colleagues. Whilst admirably eager to impress, Emmanuel is eager to learn better pronunciation of English words.


He performed for the community, in Alliance Francaise, Art Centre and the National Theatre in Accra, different beach resorts. Emmanuel is a helpful person who always takes care of the younger kids. He is able to take responsibility and does commitments directly and correctly. He wants to be a news caster in the future.


2. Joana Mensah is a good student of Oxford Practice School, she is in class 5. Joana’s favorite subject in school is Mathematics. She loves to visit library and read even though she has numerous home chores that she has to perform. Her father is a fisherman and her mother is a fishmonger.


She has been a dedicated and talented member of the Freespirit Culture Group for 4 years. She is a good teammate and can pair with any one during a performance. Joana took part in all performaces and a few festivals in Ghana, she was on two summer camps with the Art Group.


Joana likes dancing so much and so she dreams to become a popular dancer. Joana is really very talented in dancing and has many skills. She dances with power and can show many different dances. The audience loves her way of dancing! The dance she likes best is Osa. Osa is a war dance, it is also known as Zulu dance for the people of South Africa.


During her free time she plays ampe with her friends. Joana is a very friendly and helpful person. She always keeps the rules. “I like Freespirit Foundation because it is a very kind and helpful group which seeks sponsorship for talented but needy children like me” - she said.

3. Francesca Kakraba is a 12 years old girl, student of Moree Catholic Primary School. She has been a dedicated member of the Freespirit Culture Group for 4 years. She performed for the community, in Alliance Francaise in Accra, different beach resorts, took part in Panfest and Fetu Afahye, got honour to perform in front of the highest authority, as well President, John Mahama.


Her father is a fisherman and her mother is a fishmonger, so she has a lot of rsponsibilities at home.


4. Mary Amissah smiles a lot as she dances. Her movements are with a different style and full of power. Her dream is to become a very famous dancer and also travel to many places in the world. She would like to travel to France and Poland to participate in the festival and also learn the culture of the people.


Mary is the best one of the young dancers. Mary is an open girl, she always smiles and enjoys the dance. She is taking part in all performances, festivals, activities,...


Moreover she is an excellent student in school. She attends Moree Methodist Primary school in class two. She has three brothers and three sisters. The game Mary likes best is Ampe.

5. Salomay Effum is 11 years old a bright and attentive class 4 pupil who is willing to learn in Oduro Kwateng Memorial School in Moree. She joined the Freespirit Group three years ago. She dances with energy and has superb dance movements especially with ‘kete’ - a dance from Ashanti Region. She loves to dance to the admiration of all. She practices every time with the group, always comes to trainings except when she is seriously sick. She is one of the young dancers who have travelled with the group to several places to perform. She even danced ‘KETE’- with President John Mahama during the Fetu Afahye Festivals in Cape Coast. She looks forward to dance with kids from other parts of the world.


During her free time, Salomey visits the library to read books, learn and also practice new dance moves. She said: “I would like to become a teacher in the future”.

6. Stephen Acquach is a dedicated member of the Freespirit Culture Group, twelve year old drummer who joined in the Freespirit Art Group 2 years ago. He enjoys drumming and dancing. He is a gifted artist, mostly plays a supporting drum when the group is performing. His favourite drum is the Jembe which he enjoys playing a lot. He has traveled with the Group to Accra, Cape Coast, Anomabo and to summer camp in Duakwa.


Stephen is a class four pupil of Moree Methodist Basic School. He hopes to become a teacher to pass his knowledge to others. Stephen enjoys visiting the library. He is a very helpful, open and friendly person. He arranges a lot in the library, cares about drums and costumes, is always attentive and enthusiastic in both class and training ground, good team mate, loves to drum and play football.


He is a slow English speaker but with a little practice, he will be fluent.

His father is a fisherman and his mother a fish monger. His father lives at Gomoa Dogo, a bit far from Moree. Stephen’s parents have six children. This makes it difficult for his parents to cater for all of them, so Stephen’s uncle takes care of him.

7. Theresa Manso is a dedicated dancer of the Group. She joined the Freespirit Art Group three years ago. She attends the Oduro Kwateng Memorial School. She is in class 4.she is an above average pupil in school but loves to learn new things. She is a calm beautiful dancer whom one will wish to see her dance. She comes to flow with her own distinctive style. She catches a lot of admirations on the dance floor. She has performed at the National Theatre,Ghana, Anomabo Beach Resort, Oasis, Coconut Grove Beach, Fetu festival in Cape Coast and Abangye festival in Moree.


She helps with washing costumes and always does her duty. She is always on time for training.

8. Janet Korankye is a student of Oduro Kwateng Memorial School. She helps a lot in the library and does all commitments well. She has been a dedicated and responsible member of the Freespirit Culture Group for 3 years. She teams perfectly with her twin sister Jennifer. She dances with energy to the extent that she sweats profusely. She dances to impress, the audience loves to see them dance together. She has travelled with the Freespirit Art Group to various performances such as Oasis-Cape Coast, Elmina Castle, National Theatre-Accra, Anomabo Beach Resort, Fetu festival in Cape Coast, and Abangye festival, Moree among others.


Her favorite game is called Ampe. Ampe is a game played by clapping both hands, jumping and throwing one leg forward.

9. Jennifer Korankye is the twin sister of Janet. She is also nine years old and she also attends Oduro Kwarteng Memorial School in class three. Her favorite subjects in school are English language, Mathematics, Religious and Moral education.


She is a dedicated member of the Freespirit Culture Group. She is very open and always smiles when dancing. She is polite and responsible-she takes care of costumes after performances. She dreams to become a dance teacher one day. She performed for the community, in the National Theatre-Accra, in Alliance Francaise, different beach resorts, took part in Fetu Afahye, got honour to perform in front of the highest authority, as well President, John Mahama.


Jennifer's favorite food is banku with okro stew. She also loves to play Ampe with her sister and her friends when she has got free time. She is a really helpful person. She comes systematically and on time to the library.

10. Grace Dadzie is a smart, brave, 9 year old kind girl, a brilliant student of Future Hope School. She hopes to be a banker in the future. Grace is an active member of the Freespirit Culture Group. She performed for the community and different beach resorts. Her favorite dance is 'Kuken'.


She likes to visit the library to read. Her reading is very good.She is an open and friendly girl and often gets in contact with many people and has lots of friendships. She lives with her whole family at Moree.

11. Emmanuel Quagrainie is a teenager eager to learn, his energy at the training ground is superb. He is often at training and ready to learn more skills from the coach. He is calm and confident in what he likes best-drumming. He dresses neatly and always smiles at all. He is a student of Ghana National Practice School at Cape Coast. He in class 1st of JHS is a good pupil and enjoys English lessons. Though he is a little bit shy fellow he is good at English and good team worker.


He enjoys helping the father at their farm Brafoyaw 4 km far from Moree. During the rain season he is not able to be regular on Art Group activities and trainings, because of helping his parents on the farm.

12. John Quagreinie is a student of Oguaa Senior High Technical School. He has been a dedicated member of the Freespirit Culture Group for 6 years. He is a master drummer of the Freespirit Group. He performed for the community in different regions of Ghana, the National Theatre-Accra, in Alliance Francaise and different beach resorts. He is an active drummer in his school as well.


He loves his younger brother and stays with his family on the farm so has a lot of other responsibilities, especially during the rain season and harvest time.





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