The Freespirit Foundation operates thanks to people of a great heart who are eager to share their time and skills and make an effort to help.  


  • Become a volunteer
  • Donate, look for sponsors or promote the Freespirit Foundation
  • Take a patronage over an African child. The donation is just 10 $ a month per child 
  • Buy the “Led by destiny“ book!


Volunteers are a big support for the Foundation. There are a lot of different fields that bear the signs of their activity, there are IT specialists, translators, artists, co-organizers of Foundation events and exhibitions, and those who go out to Ghana to work in order to bring the Foundation projects to life in Moree with the help of the local community.
















Get involved in our projects in the Freespirit library in Ghana: 

· Assistants needed!

· Become an English teacher of Ghanaian children

· Share your skills with the Art Group Freespirit