After 4 days and 3 nights of constant travelling the Freespirit group arrived in Moree on the evening of 11th August. The head fisherman sent us a message saying ‘Kids reached home safely. Thanks to God for what he has done’.

In the 37 days the 13 members of the Freespirit  from Ghana travelled 7.5km by coach and around 500 by train and over 4000 km by plane from Burkina Faso to Paris, all adding up to 16000 km. The children were accompanied by the National Geographic flag and from Paris – by Krystyna Choszcz the president of the Freespirit Foundation which supports the group.

People of 14 cities were able to watch the children from the Freespirit Group perform African dances on outdoor stages, promenades, in bars full of tourists and theatre stages. We thank the children for the great effort, for the 20 free of charge performances, for all concerts during 3 festivals, for performance on Place Concord in Paris, Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk. All of them very significant.