Everybody is excited before Christmas especially kids. Our children from Freespirit Group were the same, we started creating decoration to prepare the library and the classroom for the Christmas Eve Celebration for us on 23rd. With the art group members and an open group in the Library we made angels, chains and other decorations and also a cardboard Christmas tree what we cut and painted together, too. We made Nativity Scene and puppets with the kids to play the Christmas story from the Bible.


On 23rd evening we gathered and sang Christmas carols before we shared small gifts with  sweets. The most amazing for kids was that they had small present box with their name on it. Here in Ghana it is not a custom to prepare gifts and wrap it nicely, to make it more personal as a gift. We had not just Christmas Eve but whole Christmas week to rise the Christmas feeling without snow, cold, Santa Claus and the usual things we connect to the Holidays.

Volunteers - Tinka & Leszek



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