A very strong band of nearly 20 Freespirit Art Group members performed in Oasis Restaurant in Cape Coast last Friday night. The coach painted our dancers with beautiful white ornaments, which added to the natural charm of the dancers and traditional Ghanaian outfits looked simply gorgeous. During one hour we performed the following dances: gaza, kpatsa, tokpe, bambuli, arewa, tora, fumefume, kuku, oasa. The drummers were giving the rhythm with full energy, and with traditional African singing during some dances the overall picture on the scene was purely astonishing!

We also prepared a stand with souvenirs for tourists – after the performance they could buy from children e.g. bracelests, coconut boxes, small bags made with patches of cloth with recycled plastic water bags, which had been produced by children at the Art & Crafts activities held recently in the library by Tinka, our Hungarian volunteer. We hope to have a similar or even bigger stand with souvenirs this coming summer during some European festivals 