On Sunday Jan 26th we took 11 children to the Kakum National Park situated ca. 40 kms from Moree. Our guide Christopher was patiently explaining to the children the mysteries of the rainforest and its fauna and flora. We saw a kyenkyen tree – a bark cloth tree, which was used by the Ghanaian ancestors to produce clothing, an esa tree, which is used for the production of the logs and mortars to beat fufu, and the plant which used to be used to dye the cloth red and black (traditional Ghanaian funeral colours).

We finished our visit in the park with the Canopy Walk – ca. 350 meters of wabbly narrow bridges suspended 12-30 meters above the ground, walking on which gave the kids an unusual thrill.

On our way back we stopped at the Hans Cottage hotel, where the kids had lots of fun in the swimming pool, followed by a short visit to the crocodile park nearby. We came very close to the 2.5m long beasts, and we were accompanied by a mighty noise of hundreds of beautiful weaving birds nesting on the trees just there. Bird watching and admiring their meticulously woven nests topped up this very interesting and inspiring lesson about Ghanaian nature.