So many Ghanaians are unaware of their birth date. They have doubts about the day, the month, or even the year! It is then not surprising that here nobody cares about birthday celebrations. However the main life celebration is held for the people who have passed away. Awesome funeral parties last two or three days and lots of family members as well as friends of the late person get together and celebrate. They bring various gifts for the family of the dead one – it is usually money, but you could also get a goat, a bottle of alcohol, or several boxes of matches. The dominant colours for the mourning attire are black and red.

The guests party to the music spread widely and very loudly from the loudspeakers. Sometimes folklore groups are invited to perform. Last Saturday Feb 01st the Freespirit Art Group was invited to perform at a funeral not too far from Moree. We had two sessions. In the morning we performed for the families preparing the meal of the day – it was an unusual experience of drumming and dancing amongst dozens of people beating the fufu in their wooden mortars. In the afternoon we performed for all the guests at the main funeral place. The truth is we were just an addition to never-ending condolence speeches, however we brought smiles to many faces, and some guests even joined us in dance for a while.

Having spent most of the Saturday there the kids got their reward soon afterwards – in late afternoon hours we were putting up our tents in our favourite Anomabu Beach Resort at the ocean. This was followed by a busy Sunday: we had three sessions of trainings, one hour each, and we learnt new songs and choreography. We also had a short lesson of mathematics. But obviously we did not miss some leisure time which the kids spent playing in the ocean waters or in the camp. We got back to Moree in the evening, both kids and adults with our batteries fully recharged for the upcoming week of our regular duties.