Children that have been with us for a few years have become really great performers, which was proved last summer in Europe at the festivals. The base of the Group are kids aged 11-14, but we also have 8-10 year olds who are progressing very fast.

Recently we have seen many younger children come to the trainings. They watch their older friends with great awe and with sparkling eyes, and later they copy the dance movements enthusiastically. We have decided to take on new members for the Freespirit Art Group – these newcomers aged now 6-8 will be the core of the Group in a few years’ time. This time however we aim at going one step further – we want to take on ca. 20 kids and get them to one school, or even one class, so that we can take care of their overall education in the best possible way. We have already received a green light from a relevant Department of Education to set up Class 1, which means setting up our own regular primary school at the same time .

We are about to start the selection – the coach will choose the kids with natural flare for dancing and drumming, and then we will be meeting them for several weeks to see how systematic they are and how eager and clever they are as far as the school education is concerned. We want to form a truly extraordinary group of kids that will go with us for this African culture adventure and will broaden their international horizons!

Obviously, new members mean new expenditures. Each child will need the full set of school items – including a bag, schoolbooks, copybooks, pens and pencils, school uniform etc. – this will be roughly 40-50 USD or 30-40 Euros per child. Then we have the monthly fixed costs – rent, electricity and water, teacher’s and coach’s salaries… Lunch for the students. An excursion sometimes.

We would like to invite all the African Culture and African Kids Supporters and Fans to co-finance this Project with us. This will bring not only a brighter future to these young Ghanaian kids, but it will also make it possible for us to share the wonderful African culture with the audience around the world! Please get back for the details shortly .

Zmieniony ( Wtorek, 13 Maj 2014 11:30 )