Choć lot z Akry był dopiero w sobotę wieczorem trener John Mensah zdecydował wyjazd z Moree z grupą Freespirit już w piątek. Pierwsza noc na lotnisku, kolejna już w samolocie do Istambułu, gdzie była przesiadka. Po dwóch dniach podróży wylądowali w Berlinie. Potem podróż do Wrocławia i zmęczone a zarazem szczęśliwe dzieci powitały goszczące rodziny. Przed dziećmi z Ghany trzy tygodnie warsztatów w ramach Brave Kids, dwa miesiące w Polsce, wiele koncertów, przeżyć i nowych przyjaźni. 


Even an ancient, gray, and dreary place like the Berlin-Tegel Airport can take on a more festive atmosphere. On Sunday, June 22nd, among this hectic center of hustling air passengers, 6 children arrived from Ghana .

Emanuel, Francisca, Steven, Salomé, Mary, and their adult coach, John, are part of a Freespirit Foundation collaboration with the Brave Kids organization to build a youth-centered cultural festival that will take place throughout Poland. They will first join other groups of children from Romania, Russia, Uganda, and Indonesia in Wrocław for two weeks of traditional music and dance workshops, and later join other Brave Kids participants currently working in other Polish cities. 

Dressed in clothes bearing their native colors, the children made their way out of the security gate with arms full of luggage, costumes, and African drums. The energy in the terminal transformed immediately when this excited group of 10 to 15 year olds greeted their Pani Krystyna Choszcz, Freespirit Foundation founder and director, who made the 500 km drive from Gdansk to greet the children. 

For the next few weeks the children will dedicate their energy and talent towards the goal of bringing greeter solidarity between themselves and other children of varying cultural backgrounds. The brief impression they had on the Tegel airport is only a minute fraction of what is to come before they prepare themselves to take the stage with 100 other children and light up hearts and souls throughout Poland. 

Anthony Reid 

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