In the most inconspicuous area of the most inconspicuous neighbourhood in Wroclaw, a group of young African dancers and drummers lit up the stage while making their debut performance for the 2014 Brave Kids festival.  Nestled between rows of towering apartment buildings in the old Psie Pole district stood a hurriedly built stage, which purpose was to showcase an international group of children as they put on their first performance in front of a sizable audience of Brave organizers, host families and friends, and wide-eyed locals who looked on from both ground-level and lofty apartment windows.  

Adorable, humble, and talented--the show featured kids from Russia, Serbia, Indonesia, and Romania who delivered an array of dance, acrobatics, singing, and circus performances .  However, the most memorable performance came from the Freespirit Foundation's group of 7 kids from Moree, Ghana.  Their electrifying dance and drumming performance left both the audience and their peers in awe.  In this performance, every step and every beat was delivered to perfection, and would then set the standard for both kids and organizers for this year's Brave festival.  "My kids really came through for me", recalled the Ghana group's coach, John Mensah, who himself is a professional African dancer and choreographer.  "Even though I was very scared after our final dance rehearsal, I was relieved that the kids remembered every dance step for the performance." 

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