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Volunteering opportunities in Ghana

Volunteering is mutual giving and receiving – we give our skills, time and we receive new experiences, the wisdom of life and we get to know ourselves a bit better.







General Information

Volunteering with the Freespirit Foundation enables you to discover the culture, tradition and life of the ‘Black Continent’ through participation in daily life of the locals. Working for the benefit of the locals is not the only new experience you will be faced with but also living in the natural African environment – a fishing village called Moree. Living in the local community makes it possible for our volunteers to get to know the true life on the African continent.

You can take part in the projects carried out in Africa if you are aged 18 or over and willing to get involved with one of the projects being carried out in the library in Moree. Latest up-to-date information on the Foundation’s projects as well as planned group volunteering trips can be found on our website. Individual personal projects which comply with the Foundation’s statute and are considered beneficial to the local community can also be carried out if approved by the Foundation.

We support volunteering and responsible tourism, achieving balance between the needs of the Obroni – ‘a visitor, white person who comes and goes’ and the needs, benefit and culture of the local community. 







 Before you decide to volunteer  You need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why are you considering volunteer work? Do you just want a holiday or is it more than that?
  • What are you expecting of yourself and what support are you expecting from the Foundation?
  • Which of your qualities and resources will make it possible for you to go, stay and work in Africa? Take into consideration your time, skills, funds for the journey and upkeep, costs of obligatory vaccinations and antimalaric medicines etc.
  • How far can you go in terms of working in tough conditions, giving up your daily commodities, adjusting to new cuisine and climate? 

The Foundation expect the following from our volunteers:

  • Positive attitude, being open to different cultures and people; tolerance
  • Good communication and connections establishing skills, team work
  • Creativity, resourcefulness and patience Reponsibility and thrustworthiness, ability to search for solutions to various issues
  • Informing the Foundation before departure about the type of work that the volunteers would like to get involved in and their own idea on the particular project (there is a possibility to adjust your initial ideas and plans after the first week of your stay in Moree)
  • A report of what the volunteer managed to achieve featuring photos of the particular project/projects
  • Following the Foundation’s Statute which can be found on 




Volunteer in the library

We would like to invite you to Moree - a fishing village beautifully located by the ocean in the Central

Region of Ghana, about 7 kms east of Cape Coast. Out of its 30,000 inhabitants approximately 90%

make their living on fishing. About 10,000 children live in Moree, and half of them are school age children. There are 10 primary schools in the village, but more than 2,500 school age children do not attend school at all. The reasons for this are numerous, but first and foremost - poverty. Instead of going to school children help with housework, take care of younger siblings, help their parents with their work, or even are forced to work on their own. The inhabitants of Moree await volunteers and eagerly partake in joint projects


Librarian's assistant

Implements the “Learn to Read" programme for teenagers and adults

Organizes education and integration games... we are open to suggestions and ideas

Organizes events in the library and helps to take care of the library as a librarian

Assists teachers in library classes, gives children the individual attention

Teaches English and has her-his own classes, teaches writing and reading

Reads to children and holds discussion with them - “Storry Time”

Organizes library lessons for students of Moree schools - lessons about books, the world...

Coaches local teachers in computers, teacher training knowledge ...

















Provides individual attention and assistance to children during lessons;

Helps with writing, reading, mathematics, and spelling;

Does crafts and paintings (you will need to buy all necessary things)

















Assists in collecting the info about family situation of the children, makes photo documentation;

Assists in doing shopping for children and distributes all materials, administration;

Teaches in the library classes, gives children the individual attention

Does crafts, paintings, and drawings with children, helps to write and send letters to sponsors;

Assists in the programme coordination, stays in touch with the Polish coordinator of the programme;

Organizes her-his own library lesson for children and education games, we are open to ideas.


















Actively participates in the local community life;

Organizes “African Tales” meetings with the community of Moree in the village or in the library;

Writes down interesting legends, tales, and life stories


















Helps to choose music talented children and organizes a local choir;

Conducts music activities with the choir - we count on your skills, you can create your own music

and lyrics;

Assists in African dance training of the Freespirit Art Group;

Assists in organization of dance events and dance workshops;

Organizes education and integration games - we are open to your ideas and suggestions.

















VACATION for CHILDREN of Moree August, September !!!

Various activities with children such us playing games, music, art, sport..

Organizes education and integration games - we are open to your ideas and suggestions.

Accompanying children on excursions in the surrounding areas

Assists in doing shopping for children, prepare food, cooking on picnics

Help taking care of the children during trips ( and maybe a few days camp )

Prepare jointly some attraction for local children  







You are ready to become an ‘Obroni’

You have the time, passion, you can get the money, you long for new adventure, new experiences and you want to do some good for others. You are aware that the true picture is usually different to what the volunteers expect, you are aware that you can fall ill with malaria even if you take the medicines and sleep under a mosquito net, with diarhorrea even if you are very hygienic, you are ready to go to the tiolet outside where you can be met by a lizard or some bugs. You are aware and you understand that it will be difficult to get some sleep until you get used to the heat, the religious singing going on until 1am.. You know that you will have numerous visitors and you will have to share your meal which if cooked the African way can take ages to prepare and above all you want the common good of all the children that are waiting fo the ‘Obroni’.








 If you answered YES – we wish you good luck. You can become an Freespirit Foundation volunteer in Moree!

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W naszych działaniach pragniemy inspirować do realizowania życiowych marzeń oraz pracy na rzecz wzajemnego poznawania, zbliżania, rozumienia i nawiązywania więzi między ludźmi różnorodnych kultur i tradycji. Każdego dnia i każdym małym krokiem możemy przyczyniać się do tego, by życie stawało się lepsze i szczęśliwsze.
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