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The first library in Moree

One of the goals of the foundation is to support the educational system of Moree, fishing village on the coast

of Ghana. It has around 30,000 inhabitants. The number of children who do not attend school is greater than the number of those that do. Some of them have never attended school, some had to give it up because of poverty and necessity to work. The lack of education is a serious problem to solve. 


On 16th February 2008, our Freespirit Art Group performed at the terrace of the new library. First books, collected in Poland, England and Ireland arrived soon afterwords and the library came into operation.

















The library is an opportunity for both youth and adults willing to start or continue their education. It is here that they can learn to read and write at any age, do their homework, read themselves or listen to other people reading aloud, learn new facts and skills through educational games, maps and activities. There are a lot of people interested, so we need to increase the number of books and furnishings.

















Your donations will be welcome. Please send English books and educational games to:

Freespirit Foundation P.O. Box 1461 Cape Coast Main, Ghana.

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Reports from the Library - February 2013

Biblioteka w Moree EN

For some time now the library in Moree has been run and coordinated by Gaetan Badiwon. He does his best to perform his duties with due diligence, and also sends us weekly reports to keep us updated. Here are some excerpts from his February reports:


Feb 1st: ”(…) It was exiting working with volunteers. We learnt a lot from each other. They were very hardworking and industrious. I most of the time worked with Kuba. Iwona and Ingrid were good locating and arranging things in the new library. In the library, I am still arranging things in the office and classroom with the help of Mr.John. I am organizing some classes for Oxford school this Friday.(…)”


Feb 8th: “(…)New coach issue: Mr. Ben and I are still making enquires about getting a new coach for the group. Volunteers sent the request to Department of Music and Arts of the University of Cape Coast and we hope to hear good news. (…)”


Feb 14th: “(…). I organized classroom work on English Language and Mathematics on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. I taught kids “Basic rules in sentence formation”  and simple calculation. On these occasions I liked kids’ determination to learn -Theresa, Mary, Adelaide and Christy. This week, I was able to organize kids to wash their customs which were dirty. On the same day (Monday) some kids-Rebecca, Janet, Jennifer, Salomey, Mary, Adelaide and Albertina took initiative in washing classroom tables. (…)”


Feb 22nd: “(…)Best workers and active kids of the week were Adelaide and Mary Manso. They worked very well in the classroom with all seriousness throughout the week. They swept, arranged books and fished out unused books for use in the library. (…)”


Feb 28th: “(…)On 22nd February there was a meeting held in the library purposely to welcome Dr. Mawuyram Quessie Adjahoe and Margaret Delali from Department of Music & Dance of the University of Cape Coast. Dr Adjahoe is a drummer and a drum teacher, composer, conductor and teaches the Ghanaian traditional bamboo flute. Maggi is a dance instructor and teaches Ghanaian traditional songs. (…) After the meeting I went with Doctor and co to training ground. They were impressed at kids’ performance. (…)On Monday, I organized a film show for kids. We watched “Gulliver’s Travels”. After the movie, kids described the movie as they understood. They shared ideas. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did class work coupled with kids’ assignments. We wrote test on Wednesday on English and Mathematics.”



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In the library - February 2012

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In the library - January 2012

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In the library - December 2011

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