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Africa is the diversity of its traditions, beliefs, art. In the face of the expansion of the western culture it is crucial to preserve the local culture and it is one of the reasons why we created Freespirit Art Group. The Group is also a chance for children to learn traditional African dance, to play drums and other instruments.
















We promote African culture withinthe local community as well as other places throught taking part in festivals which attract tourists from every continents 

The group performs on different occasions in Moree; they also participated in music festival in Cape Coast and performed at the 2nd International Conference on African Culture and development.




As there are many younger children eager to dance, another group started training at the beginning of 2011.



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African Culture as a way for development

Africa is an extraordinarily diverse continent with regard to its ethnicity, religion and culture. An enormous influence on Africa`s diversity have natural and historical conditions and economic situation of particular regions. Expansion of western culture changes African lifestyle. However, owing to tourists` interest and income generated by them a lot of tribes foster their precious heritage.
















A great passion of many children from Moree is dance. They are very eager to learn traditional dances and play African instruments. Esprit de corps, joint trainings and trips, broadening the knowledge about other regions are the values that form a young human being in a very positive way. They stimulate to train and learn even harder. In our art group there are children and young people who began school education and now continue it only thanks to Freespirit Foundation`s support. Activities in library are the important supplement to education of the children of the art group. Performances in beach resorts, places that are completely different than Moree, contacts with tourists make them aware of higher living standard, arouse child`s dreams but at the same time encourage to study persistently and widen skills. This is the way to gain education and a good job in the future.

Performances given by traditional groups, especially children art groups and festal colouring around them are immensely attractive aspect of African culture that draws the tourists from different continents. Tourists take pictures of kids in colorful costumes, they spend their time listening and dancing to African rhytmes, they feel the spirit of Africa. However, undoubtedly only few of them realise how much persistence it requires from children to take part in trainings, especially if we take into consideration living conditions in Moree, numerous additional duties at home such as fetching water or cooking. In exchange for the performance in luxurious Elmina Hotel children could use the swimming pool in the hotel; the fee they got in Anomabu Beach Resort was just enough to pay for renting the bus to get there and for the meal that day; the money they earned while performing in Accra in Alliance Francaise were almost in the entirety spend for the meals and the bus.
















Still there are so many immeasurable advantages steaming from art group`s activity that this project is worth of investing, especially if we consider the fact that all continents reap benefits from it.


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Members of the Freespirit Art Group - 2012





































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