The Freespirit Art Group – Time To Take On New Talents!















Children that have been with us for a few years have become really great performers, which was proved last summer in Europe at the festivals. The base of the Group are kids aged 11-14, but we also have 8-10 year olds who are progressing very fast.

Recently we have seen many younger children come to the trainings. They watch their older friends with great awe and with sparkling eyes, and later they copy the dance movements enthusiastically. We have decided to take on new members for the Freespirit Art Group – these newcomers aged now 6-8 will be the core of the Group in a few years’ time. This time however we aim at going one step further – we want to take on ca. 20 kids and get them to one school, or even one class, so that we can take care of their overall education in the best possible way. We have already received a green light from a relevant Department of Education to set up Class 1, which means setting up our own regular primary school at the same time .

Zmieniony ( Wtorek, 13 Maj 2014 11:30 )

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Off to camp after a funeral party!















So many Ghanaians are unaware of their birth date. They have doubts about the day, the month, or even the year! It is then not surprising that here nobody cares about birthday celebrations. However the main life celebration is held for the people who have passed away. Awesome funeral parties last two or three days and lots of family members as well as friends of the late person get together and celebrate. They bring various gifts for the family of the dead one – it is usually money, but you could also get a goat, a bottle of alcohol, or several boxes of matches. The dominant colours for the mourning attire are black and red.

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A Nature Class in Kakum National Park – Jan 26, 2014
















On Sunday Jan 26th we took 11 children to the Kakum National Park situated ca. 40 kms from Moree. Our guide Christopher was patiently explaining to the children the mysteries of the rainforest and its fauna and flora. We saw a kyenkyen tree – a bark cloth tree, which was used by the Ghanaian ancestors to produce clothing, an esa tree, which is used for the production of the logs and mortars to beat fufu, and the plant which used to be used to dye the cloth red and black (traditional Ghanaian funeral colours).

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Performance at Oasis - Jan 24, 2014















A very strong band of nearly 20 Freespirit Art Group members performed in Oasis Restaurant in Cape Coast last Friday night. The coach painted our dancers with beautiful white ornaments, which added to the natural charm of the dancers and traditional Ghanaian outfits looked simply gorgeous. During one hour we performed the following dances: gaza, kpatsa, tokpe, bambuli, arewa, tora, fumefume, kuku, oasa. The drummers were giving the rhythm with full energy, and with traditional African singing during some dances the overall picture on the scene was purely astonishing!

We also prepared a stand with souvenirs for tourists – after the performance they could buy from children e.g. bracelests, coconut boxes, small bags made with patches of cloth with recycled plastic water bags, which had been produced by children at the Art & Crafts activities held recently in the library by Tinka, our Hungarian volunteer. We hope to have a similar or even bigger stand with souvenirs this coming summer during some European festivals 


37 days, 16 000 kilometres, 20 concerts and 14 cities














After 4 days and 3 nights of constant travelling the Freespirit group arrived in Moree on the evening of 11th August. The head fisherman sent us a message saying ‘Kids reached home safely. Thanks to God for what he has done’.

In the 37 days the 13 members of the Freespirit  from Ghana travelled 7.5km by coach and around 500 by train and over 4000 km by plane from Burkina Faso to Paris, all adding up to 16000 km. The children were accompanied by the National Geographic flag and from Paris – by Krystyna Choszcz the president of the Freespirit Foundation which supports the group.

People of 14 cities were able to watch the children from the Freespirit Group perform African dances on outdoor stages, promenades, in bars full of tourists and theatre stages. We thank the children for the great effort, for the 20 free of charge performances, for all concerts during 3 festivals, for performance on Place Concord in Paris, Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk. All of them very significant.


Before return journey to Ghana - 5th - 8th August 2013
















After the festival in Zielona Gora the Freespirit Group is going by train from the south to the north of Poland, to Trojmiasto to visit all the very important places connected to the Foundation, one of them being a monument devoted to Kinga Choszcz – Freespirit where a butterfly sat down as if to break into flight again…

We walk down the street at the end of which, by the gate, Kinga signed her book ‘Led by destiny’ and we take a photo in that spot. We visit the ‘Zejman’ pub where Kinga shared her experiences from her hitch-hiking trip around the world but she was not able to come back here and tell the story of the African land so I let the children form Ghana to tell that story and they give an enthusiastic performance of African dance and drumming.

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Children's Festival of Folklore– 29th July to 3rd August 2013
















The next leg of our trip runs through Krakow to Zielona Góra where we will participate in our third and last festival called ‘Folk Mountain’. The children from Moree wearing colourful clothes travel even more kilometres spreading their joy and happy experiences and perform in several places on the way.

In Łagów they savour Polish bigos, in Niesulice they enjoy swimming in the lake and pedal boat, but the pizza is not popular. In Żary the heat has affected the children even though they are from Africa.

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Children of the Mountains bid farewell to Nowy Sacz 28th – 29th July 2013
















At the final gala the pairs of groups perform dances and the celebration marks the end of the festival. Our accommodation in a holiday resort in the suburbs of Gołkowice is a perfect place for joint games for the teams. Having had a lovely week with Hulajniki – a Polish group from Milowka and all the festival excitement, as well as cinema outings and swimming we need to pack our bags again. And it’s not an easy task when the luggage just keeps getting bigger and bigger! We now own 3 long awaited bicycles which were donated to us by the residents of Nowy Sacz, a bag of soft toys and the most important thing – the festival trophy – a mountain sheep which will remind us of the happy moments, the gala and the closing ceremony, fireworks at the market square in Nowy Sacz, Mr Broda and his leaf playing. All of that has to travel with us to yet another festival.

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