Letter from the Freespirit Art Group - 2012

















We are children of the Freespirit Art Group from Moree in the Central Region of Ghana. We would like to write something about our the most exciting activities we have during the last year.

Last August, during vacation, we went to camp at Duakwa to have a nice time together. For most of us it was the first time we went outside of Moree. It was fantastic and exciting to see lots of new things and different people.

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Fetu Afahye – Durbar of Chiefs – 1st September 2012


















The main event of Fetu Afaye is celebrated on the first Saturday of September. On this day, a few hours long parade through the principal streets of Cape Coast to Victoria Park takes place. There, the final celebration is held Durban of chiefs brings together people from across the globe where chiefs are carried in the palanquins and they dance and demonstrate authority. The whole town was coloured in red to signify that President Atta Mills has died. Chiefs were not carried in their usual beautiful palanquins, but they walked through the principal streets of Cape Coast to show respect for the late President.

Before the parade participants – the colourful groups, and the Chief of Cape Coast - appear, our Freespirit team gives a performance. At some point it is stopped by the appearance of police and an honourable escort of the president - John Mahama. Ghana's head of state, who passes through the square and says “hello” to the people. This moment is exciting not only for the crowd, but also for our kids.

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Fetu Afahye – Cooking Competition - 30th August 2012


















Banku with palm soup, fufu, yam, souces filled with local spices.... The cooking competition for the visually handicapped in Osten Garden is one of the most interesting events of Fetu Afahye Festival. Our task here is to attract the attention of passers-by by singing and dancing to African rhythms which can be heard from the distance. We also try to entertain them while they are waiting to get their food and to hear the jury verdict on who is the winner of the competition. After the performance, our children get warm thanks and a local dish of banku. They eat and watch the cooks.

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Fetu Afahye – Youth Day - 27th August 2012


















Ghana's colourful festivals attract tourists from all over the world. One of the biggest Festivals in Central Ghana - Fetu Afahye takes place annually at the end of August and at the beginning of September. This year traditional gold colour of the event has been changed to the mourning colours of red and black due to the death of the president Atta Mills. Parties including loud music and street events have been restricted too. Opening of the Festival in Emintsimadze Palace was calm and quiet, one just could hear our drums in the background. Unfortunately, most of the invited guests did not show up. However, among those who came, was the Queen Mother of Coast Cape who invited our group to give the performance in Ghana. During the show our kids wore traditional coloured clothes – kente and raffia skirts. Afterwards, we were offered to give another performance during the cooking competition. Kids were delighted with this opportunity.

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Camp for the Freespirit Art Group - 20-26th August 2012


















Holiday break in Ghana is very short. Some children in this time visit their relatives, some go to see their parents in the places of their work but the great majority stay in Moree. All of them are expected to do chores to support their parents.

This short holiday was a real treat for 19 lucky children! The children faced tough criteria to qualify for the week-long holiday: involvement in training, regular attendance, helping out in the library, good grades and friendliness.

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Abangye Festival - 3-7th August 2012


















After a 6 year long battle for power, it seemed that the king of Moree would be officially recognised and because of that the traditional Abangye festival was going to be revived. The preparations began.

The festival was supposed to begin on Saturday, the Freespirit Art Group had a planned performance. However, on the day armed police surrounded Moree. All celebrations were cancelled. Moree became silent and the streets were empty.

Sunday proved to be a better day. the police left Moree and celebrations began. The Freespirit Art Group joined in.

That night the group performed in the local ‘Cinema Centre’. The Ghanaians enjoy noise and loud music. The cinema was absolutely full and some people were turned away due to lack of space.

The second day of the festival took place on the beach near the Moree Beach Resort. The Art group got an invitation to perform there as well. The beach was overcrowded and music was very loud, there were stalls everywhere and as the tide was in there was very little room on the beach. After performing a popular dance of azonto we left the beach.

The last day of the festival was held in a fishing area of Moree. There were crowds but ithe event was calm and enjoyable, full of traditional African fabrics and exotic traditional customs.


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A week memorial celebration for the late President of Ghana - July 31, 2012


















The unexpected death of the President Atta Mills resulted in a change of the planned events. Among others, the Panafest festival was cancelled. After a week of silence, the inhabitants of all the regions of Ghana paid tribute to the deceased President in various street performances and demonstrations.

The day before we found out about the possibility for the Freespirit Art Group to give a performance at the Art Centre and the National Theatre in Accra. Quick action - selection of representatives and, due to the time of exams, a visit to schools in order to obtain permission. Secondly, sewing the already designed and tailored costumes in Ghanaian colours.

Two-hour delay in the morning, traffic jam in Accra and a show for Ghana TV makes it impossible for us to take part in all the planned events, but participation in the TV program compensates for it.

Have a look at the Freespirit Group dance on You Tube and photos on Facebook, the Freespirit Foundation channel


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Trip to Elmina – 21st June 2012









Forts and castles of Ghana are architectural relics that were built in XV-VII century. The Art Group took part in a trip to Elmina and the main purpose of this activity was sightseeing of the castle. Our guide told us a very interesting story about the history of this place and slavery. All children listened carefully to every single word about their ancestors.

At first, forts were built to protect the trade (gold, pepper and elephants’ bones - this part of the world used to be called the Golden Coast) and all products imported from Europe. St. Jorge’s castle in Emina, built by the Portuguese in 1482, is the oldest European castle in Africa. In XVII century the Portuguese castle was overtaken by the Dutch. During the next period the English, Swedish and Dutch were fighting for castles and protection forts. The best preserved castles which were used fort trading slaves till 1630 are St. Jorge’s Castle in Elmina, Christiansborg in Akra and Cape Coast Castle in Cape Coast.

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