Ghana instead of Poland - June 20, 2012

Lost possibilities to go to the festivals in Poland and France created new opportunities for the Art Group. We plan to participate in three large and important festivals in Ghana. On 27 July at Panafest and on 1 September at Fetu Afahye, which will be attended by the president of Ghana. The main ceremonies will be held at Victoria Square in Cape Coast.

And most importantly, we will also witness a crucial ceremony in Moree. After six years of struggle for power in the village, the inauguration of the new king is to be held in early August. Therefore, Moree returns to organizing the festival, which last time took place here 11 years ago. This is one of the largest festivals in this region of Ghana. The event is to begin with intensive cleaning works in Moree. Schools and residents have already started cutting the surrounding bush, which is a habitat for vast amounts of garbage, mosquitoes and dangerous snakes.

Certainly, performance of the Freespirit Group is scheduled during the festival. Preparations continue, children are still practising with enthusiasm.

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Only 2 hours - 7 June 2012
















A year of intensive preparations, a few months of arranging travel of the Moree Art Group in Poland and seeking funds to fly from Ghana to Poland... I had another sleepless night. The first one was in Gdansk before departure, the second one in Istanbul in the transfer zone and now in Accra – a night spent on completing and classifying documents in the children’s files according to the "visa requirement checklist". Today the arranged interview at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Delay in obtaining passports for 9 younger children and a letter from the Office of Education expressing support for international festivals in Europe and permission for pupils from Moree to travel abroad complicated and delayed the next few important steps - the final decision on appointment to participate in festivals, insurance and booking air tickets, earlier arrival of the group to Accra. To complete the documentation we need necessary letters from the schools, which in turn required a letter from the Department of Education...

Heavy night rain, during which life in Moree declines and it becomes impossible to get to the library in the dark, in the water flowing from all the hills with loamy soil and sewage, everybody is late after the agreed 3 o’clock a.m.

Bus with children left Moree early in the morning - this is good news.

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Members of the Art Group - 2012



































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Freespirit Art Group on You Tube

Freespirit Dance Group - children from Ghana 



African Dance Group Freespirit 


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Ghana Culture Day – 14 March 2012




















The purpose of the day is to promote and celebrate Ghana's cultural heritage. It also emphasizes the links between culture and other sectors of national life. The Ghana Culture Forum holds the Ghana Culture Day under the theme ‘Culture – Our Life!  The Freespirit Art Group played together with Kusum Gboo Dancers at National Theater to welcome professional artist and musicians. The performance was very great, mostly the musicians and artists who came to Culture Forum lunch really liked the Art Group’s performance.


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Obroni in Moree - December 2011- February 2012

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The National Art Centre - 23-24 February 2012

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5th anniversary of the Freespirit Foundation - 18 February 2012

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