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Anomabo Beach resort – November 2010

The Art group performed here on 6th and 23rd November, both evenings a great success. The children enjoyed performing, showing off their talents and interacting with foreign guests who were invited to join the dancing children and learn a few simple dance moves.


Freespirit in Anomabo Beach Resort - November 2010




















Anomabu is a small ocean-front town located 116 km west of Accra and approximately 12km east of Moree. This town was one of the slave trade centers. It boasts of one of the few castles that are located along the coast of Ghana. 

Anomabu Beach Resort is a hotel complex surrounded on one side by groove of coconut palm trees and on the other side by a clean, beautiful beach. It is worth to stay here at least for a while, especially when Freespirit Art Group is performing on the hotel's stage. 

On the 23rd of November, Freespirit Art Group performed on the Anomabu Beach Resort Stage. The visitors at the hotel (mostly young adults) really liked the performance, especially when they were invited to join the children and learn from them, some simple dancing moves. In this way, they could appreciate and learn more about Ghanaian culture. The children enjoyed the evening because they had an opportunity to display their talents, spend time with their friends from the Art Group and interact with foreign guests.


Handicraft workshop on the camp


















Volta region is famous for its hand-woven craftsmanship of Kente, a typical traditional African cloth. In Anlo Afiadenyigba, there are a lot of workshops where kente is handmade. We visited one of them. Not only children, but also coaches who seemed interested, tried the complicated weaving technique. It is not easy. To become an independent weaver, you need, averagely, about one year of intensive practice. The more complicated the "sweeping", the more expensive the material is. The price depends also on the type of thread used.The Free spirit dancers thought of performing in the stylish kente clothing, but it was a dream far from reach, as it turned out to be too expensive for them.


Summer Project in Volta Region















After 6 hours of driving, we arrived at a small town - Anlo Afiadenyigba. We chose the best place to camp. There were sand and palm trees all around. The positioning of small camp tents wasn't a lofty task. Unfortunately it was more difficult to cope with bigger tents, especially when some parts were mixed while printing the "Freesprit" logo on it. Luckily we had some volunteers as well as John, who had some knowledge on tent erection. We pitched the last tents in the dark. In the end, our camp looked impressive

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The camp in Volta Region - 16- 23 August 2010















We have organised summer camp with the children from Moree. We have made a lot of preparations towards our holidays. Most of our luggages were packed on the roof of the bus. Each child had a seat on the bus, something not too common on public transportation and the kids seemed very comfortable.  Kofi, Mary, 2 German volunteers, Amina and her 2 sons, John - Malaika's uncle, and 26 children, are ready to leave for the camp in Volta Region.

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Educational Trips – 16- 23 August 2010















The foundation organised several trips for the members of the Art Group in August 2010 funded with the proceeds from tax returns - ‘1%’, sponsorhip money as well as a few single payments. The children visited the border with Togo, Keta, Fort Prinzenstein and Somanya.
















The trip to the border with Togo was an extremely exciting moment for the kids and they were asking a lot of questions on the way. The process of crossing the border was a new experience and we were lucky to meet very nice border guards. All the children wanted to spend a least a few minutes in another country and we were granted permission to do just that. The kids were so pleased that we did a little performance for the border officers.


Elmina Gold Beach Resort – July 2010















The Freespirit Group performed in this hotel on the evening of 31st July in exchange for a swimming pool session for the children and drinks after the show. The children really enjoyed the beach and palm trees.


Festival of Tomorrow – Moree – February 2010

















We are truly impressed as since the last time we saw the Art Group, which was a year ago, they improved significantly. There's dancing, singing and the whole show is like a music theatre, some children are showing real acting talent.... For us this prooves that if you really want something you can achieve it. A joint effort and consistency suffice. And in this case some talent too“ - Anka & Kris



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