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Conference on African Culture and Development - November 2009















The group performed before an international audience at the conference in Accra.  The preparations were long and through and chosing 20 children that would go was the most difficult part. The performance received a great applause and was followed by an invitation to perform at a festival in Ethiopia and a two week art workshop in Sierra Leone in August 2010. This experience motivated the children and inspired dreams, a lot of the children saw, for the first time, a world very different from their home town.


Fetu Afahye Festival in Asebu 30 – 31 October 2009















Festivals are a part of the reach Ghanaian history and culture. They take place throughout the seasons in many different regions of the country.The festivals celebrate and cultivate local history and belives. They can be dedicated to remembering the dead thanksgiving, celebrating life or making an appeal. We, the Foundation, are very proud to be involved in this aspect of African culture and aim to promote African traditional dances with the help of our Art Group. This weekend trip was a great opportunity for training, group integration and practice before the group’s performance in Accra at an international conference. 





A Visitor from the ministry – 27 June 2009

The acting Executive Secretary of the Ghanaian National Commission on Children has been supporting the Foundation since its creation. He visited Moree in June 2009 and the Freespirit Art Group performed for him.


International Day of African Children in Moree – 16 June 2009



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W naszych działaniach pragniemy inspirować do realizowania życiowych marzeń oraz pracy na rzecz wzajemnego poznawania, zbliżania, rozumienia i nawiązywania więzi między ludźmi różnorodnych kultur i tradycji. Każdego dnia i każdym małym krokiem możemy przyczyniać się do tego, by życie stawało się lepsze i szczęśliwsze.
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