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Costumes for the Band - December 2007

African dances have a meaning, different dances are performed on various occasions in different parts of Ghana. On occasions such as harvest, funerals, paying tribute to ancestors or tribal chiefs. Dances require appropriate costumes. The cheapest costumes are made of fabrics with factory-printed traditional patterns, the more expensive are hand-made batik and these most unique ones are hand-woven kente.


It's time for sewing costumes for our team. The fabric stores and the stalls are glittering with colours. They sell lots of batik, but we choose printed fabrics for our first costumes. Sewing a costume costs $3. It is very important with a nice effect which will give a lot of satisfaction to the children, communities and tourists emerging in Moree in Ghana. We look forward to the first official band performance.


We already have the drums! - November 2007

We have bought instruments for Cultural Troupe of Ghana, in Moree. 1 Djembe, 1 kaplono and 4 Eve drums. All the drums bear the inscription "Freespirit" and two ibises from our logo. Just wait for the first band recording!

From Kamil`s letters: "Hi! Yesterday we received the drums for the group and tomorrow we are holding a meeting where we will check who can play them - the same with the guitar. The group was very happy with the shirts and they gave a very good performance, so I think that the instructor is doing a good job. As for the meetings with the drums - Salisu has a friend who is a whiz at the drums and he collected them together with us yesterday - we might be able to convince him to help."

As for the artistic group - by the time of my departure I will try to let you know which children have been chosen. I suspect that it may take 2-3 days, because there are many keen children. I can already see a lot of interest, the parents saw that it was a chance for their children. We are trying to find a musician who could help us with the recruitment. At the moment we want to introduce additional hours per week for children to practise playing the drums - I think that extending the classes is really possible, because the children are realising and know that this could be their future. I am sending the pictures of the group. The meeting was very successful, today we are having another one . “


Cultural Troupe - October 2007















It is important to promote African culture and give children and youth a chance to learn traditional dances and organize a variety of cultural leisure activities for them. Cultural Troupe of the Freespirit Foundation (still looking for a proper name for our team) is being formed at the moment. It is a group of children who will sing, dance and play African instruments.

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Construction started - October 2007

Transfer of the land property is taking time, so we decided to start a library at the Catholic church.


The work began with the construction of the terrace. It is important in the local climate. Salisu supervises the whole project and tries to involve the local community to help.


This is not an easy task to convince the locals to work for free. So we accept the local rates, in some cases we distribute food.


World Culture Festival "Window to the World" 26 - 30 September, 2007

Our contribution to the World Culture Festival was an exhibition of Kinga`s photographs presented in the Church of St. John in Gdansk. Kinga's love for Africa, her passion for discovering new places, meeting people, the desire to share personal emotions with others, the beautiful things and experiences ... inspired us to share the fascinating culture of Africa. "Here, every day is full of small miracles which are hard to describe" - Kinga wrote in her Arfican diary.

Malaika took part in African dance workshops ran by a great dancer Afra Crudo from France. The four-day workshops ended with a show in the Mieszczańska Hall in the Old Town Hall in Gdansk. Events held during these few September days gave the participants an opportunity to explore distant and exotic things ... Representatives from the far-flung corners of the world shared their own cultural experience, differences and uniqueness.


Dominican Fair - August 2007

The need to help African children underlies all our actions. We had our stand in the same place where Kinga once had been selling her books and sharing her experiences from the 5-year hitchhiking trip around the world. At the Dominican Fair in Gdańsk we talked about our plans to establish the first library in Moree, supported by our volunteers: Lucas Oganiru - Freespirit Foundation's representative in Ghana help and Ebanakoma band.
At the end of the Fair we moved to the stage at the Coal Market to hold an auction of artwork from the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts students. Malaika danced to African rhythms
of the Ebanakoma band. 

The funds collected during the auction will contribute to the project. Thank you all for your contribution, even a "symbolic donation". We would like to thank the organizers of the Dominican Fair, volunteers who helped us, students of Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts and Ebanakoma band, and on behalf of the children in Moree -thank you for every polish zloty donated. We collected 5 769 zloty, EUR 1,165 from the auction.


One year has passed - June 9, 2007

One year has passed since Kinga started on her journey, free as the wind ...



A concert was held in the cinema Neptune in Gdansk's Old Town. The guest star - John Paul Essie came from Ghana. He is the author of the foundation's official song and a musician of Polish - Ghanaian origin. The song "I'm Free" was composed in Accra, a place closely associated with Kinga. Presentation of the trailer for a documentary film showing different faces of Africa and a multimedia presentation of Kinga`s photos from her African trip was accompanied by reading of the diary excerpts.


New possibilities - May 2007

The Catholic Church in Moree (St. Matthew's Rectorate) has offered us an unfinished construction of two garages and an adjacent storage house in order to use them as a library run by the Foundation until the construction of a permanent, larger one is finished on a new ground. We believe that the garage can be relatively easily adapted to the needs of the library. Even if temporary, it will be able to bring benefits to the local community, and give us the opportunity of gaining experience.

This good beginning means that we need some materials, construction team and volunteers to start the campaign of collecting the books. Library in Africa is the place where you can read independently or listen to stories read by others, do your homework and prepare for semester exams. This is a place where you can begin to learn reading and writing at any age, this is a place for internatinal volunteer activity.

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