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Farewell - June 24 , 2006










Kinga, ".. Your body is no longer with us but this does not stop you from doing wonderful and beautiful things. You made us all gather here, coming from different corners of the world on this one day, with the same feeling of gratitude in our hearts, with the same intention to thank you for everything you have done for us .... Everything seemed to me a miracle, a miracle of life, smell of the wind, green leaves, clouds in the blue sky, birds singing ... and our eyes, sad, pensive, weeping, often asking - why? But the same eyes decided in this very moment to enjoy every moment given to us as never before, and in our hearts the desire was born to do good for the world to become more beautiful and better ... " Asia from Mrągowo


On the white camel to heaven - June 9, 2006











It was in Accra, Ghana, following a short but severe illness, cerebral malaria, Kinga went on her next, and this time, endless journey. "... Kinga has moved on to a new journey, she is hitchhiking in the sky now. She communicates with us through the millions of little things that spark memories of her ... " Kinga's friends


"Go to school!" - May 2006











 From Kinga’s diary - " So, after the encounter with the local child-slave trade, but without going too deeply into it, I'm leaving tomorrow morning with one lucky girl towards her native village in Ghana." 


The white camel - February 2006











From the diary of Kinga - " And so - after all - I am a happy owner of a big white camel! In the dusty village of Gorom Gorom I feel like home, Burkina Faso is one of the most friendly countries I have been to. In short - life is beautiful! "


Kinga`s dream – January 2006















...Kinga told me about a dream she had when we were in Timbuktu. She was riding a white camel, flying through the sky. She had two African baby girls in her arms, and she just glided through the clouds and the light. She was so happy the next morning that she kept talking about it. "It was the nicest feeling, just flying through the sky." ... I even drew a picture of her flying on a white camel. It all made her so happy.”

Kati O'Sullivan 


On the African continent - October 31 - 2005











"... So I stepped aboard the ferry, waving to Europe vanishing in the distance, and then I entered without a pass to Club Class on the bow to watch Africa getting closer and closer.... And right before the sunset I took my first steps on the new continent " From the diary of Kinga

Africa is calling! - October 15, 2005

"... Summer almost gone, the days getting colder, my previous journey immortalized in the book ... It's time for another adventure. On the last continent which is waiting for me. Yes - Africa is calling! From Kinga’s diary



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